Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bright Lights

Well, here's my winter garden. It's Bright Lights chard. Withstood everything a Seattle winter could throw at it. I have to say it's never thrived, despite what all the experts say about growing chard in the winter here in the northwest. We had a bit of it at Thanksgiving, but it hasn't been what I'd call a bumper crop.

You might want to click to enlarge, but then again you might not want to.


Premium T. said...

Wow. Robin. This is impressive. Call me if you want to borrow my combine for the harvest. (And I can probably patch a crew together if you give me enough warning.)

RobinB said...

What do you call a Victory Garden that lost the war?

RobinB said...

It's like the Germans in World War II--I'm sure they had Victory Gardens, too, right?