Thursday, April 9, 2009

Politics is alive and well in Newport Hills

The first Monday of every month Drinking Liberally holds a get-together at Newport Hills' third place, The Mustard Seed. Last Monday we were introduced to Darcy Burner's successor as the nominee challenger to David Reichert on the eastside. Suzan del Bene spoke and took a lot of questions. It was packed.

I came across this while looking for images of Third Places: who knew that icon of iconoclasm, The Seattle Stranger, would have ever ventured to our shores? I just love their investigative tones as a way of combating incipient suburbaphobia. This is from last summer's race between Darcy Burner and Dave Reichert:

We are someplace called Newport Hills, which is about a 20-minute drive east from Seattle, sitting in what the SECB (not sure what this refers to) guesses you would call a blue-collar strip-mall bar. It’s called the Mustard Seed and the back looks like this:

Remember: he's 20 whole minutes east of Seattle

While the front looks like this:

We’re still waiting for Burner to arrive, so the SECB checked out the spread, which is not promising:

Memo to the Burner campaign: American flags are great and all, but they’re even better with food on them

The SECB spotted Blaire Butterworth, doing his second tour as a top Burner campaign consultant:

Note to SECB: Next time you cover politics in our neighborhood let me know and I'll buy you a beer or three!

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