Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bellevue Blog and Food Challenge

Here's a blog I discovered this week, written by Bellevue resident/Israel native Nurit Asnash:

Professional in a way I can only dream about, it contains lots of recipes in an extremely user-friendly format. I am curious to see how she responds to the United Way of King County challenge to create meals for a family of four on 22.00 per day. This is the average amount of food a family is given when using the services of the local food bank, according to Bellevue Reporter.

Her children are 1 and 5, and mine are teen and tween, so I think if I take the challenge it will be, well, more of a challenge. We'll see..

Find more information on the challenge here:

And to view the recipe for the fabulous dessert that made me take notice in the first place, feast your eyes here:


T. said...

Your pie was so good the other night, I'm making one for dessert!

RobinB said...

T--I can't remember what I made the other night but last night for Easter I built the following: Layer 1, truffle brownie;
Layer 2, banana cream pudding; Layer 3, smashed macaroons, Layer 4, 15 tiny Cadbury eggs, nested. The pudding soaked into the brownie and turned it into truffly goodness. It needs a name, though...