Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bellevue food challenge II

Here it is. Menu for one week. I'm also wheat-free.
But is it $7.00 a day? Which according to the challenge is what a person receives on food stamps. Very roughly I could live on under $6.50 a day, shopping at Trader Joe's and PCC/Whole Foods (for meat)

Breakfast appx. 1.50 per day
Steel cut oatmeal 2.99 (21 servings total)
Walnuts 4.29
Dried cranberries 2.99
lil bit of milk, brown sugar

Lunch appx. 1.00-1.50 per day
brown rice 3.99
tofu 1.19
greens 2.29
lil bit of soy sauce

Dinner appx. 3.56 per day
steamed greens 2.29
lil bit of chicken or beef 6.59, 4.95
polenta, quinoa or corn tortilla 3.99, 2.99
refried bean burritos 1.09, 2.99

Total: 6.31 per day

Plus some extras listed below which I haven't figured out how to work into the total. I'm still working on that part.

Shared Drinks
half n half 1.49
Simpler Times lager (6 cans) 3.99
Hogue fume blanc 6.99

Shared Condiments
lt sour cream 1.49
hummus dip 2.19
yogurt 2.99
salsa 3.29
olive oil

Shared Fruit and Veg (appx $5.00 per person/71 cents per day)
3 lb apples 2.99
large yogurt 2.99
peppers 2.99
sugarplum tomatoes 2.99
snow peas 2.19
lemons 1.29
romaine hearts 1.99


K. said...

What about the daily latte?

Premium T. said...

Thanks for turning me on to the $6.99 Hogue fume blanc.

RobinB said...

K--I'm going hard-core!
T--It's awesome!