Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just because I've been indulging my taste for odd plants doesn't mean I've forgotten something much more important: the weekly bugwatch. It is still there, dependable as Old Faithful. One wants to decorate it in seasonal finery, like they do the Waiting for the Interurban sculpture in Fremont. Come on Newport Hills teens--where's your spirit? A little red and gold on the true blue?

If you play "punch bug" with your loved ones, might I suggest driving past Stod's several times a day, as I do? It's good fun to plant a playful punch everytime you see the blue children are quite black and blue by now, and thoroughly sick of the game. They call it cheating, but I'm the mom and I call it anything I like.

(Sorry about that last paragraph. I was channelling Jack Handey and some of you out there might not get the joke. My apologies if you're offended by sick humor.)

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