Sunday, February 6, 2011


Speaking of puffballs, here is the Rose Garden at Woodland Park Zoo, site of many a marriage ceremony and home to several gigantic paleolithic puffballs, or puffballosaurus.

And elsewhere in Seattle, a blog is devoted to the topiary of Beacon Hill (what we call puffballs hear on the eastside)
and they call "bonsai" here at BeHi Bonsai
and featured here in the Seattle Times earlier this year

In the Kingdom of the Puffballs

On our holiday trip to southern California last month we found ourselves in the Desert Garden at the Huntington near Pasadena. These highly drought-tolerant cousins to our native evergreen puffballs kindly allowed us to photograph their rarely-seen worshipping rites.

Newport Hills Community Faire part 2

Sean and Mike Bristow (ukelele player extraordinaire) go over stage logistics

Glen Patrick Doggett on stage

Kenny from the Mustard Seed hands out free water bottles
The grinding of the corn
Audrey and Piper in charge at the face-painting booth

Michelle works the crowd

Checking out the home-baked goodies and other hand-crafted wares for sale