Saturday, February 2, 2013

Parking Garage of Your Dreams

Check out this video of  Eleven-Eleven, Miami's answer to parking garage design.  Utterly beautiful in concept and sculptural elegance it completely turns everything you thought you knew about parking garages on its head.  People are working out on the open staircase, clubbing in the open air below and the designer actually lives in a palatial aerie on the rooftop.

Like Miami, "it's all architecture without cloth", according to architects Herzog and deMeuron.

Thank you to the blogs archinect and architechnophilia for bringing some Miami heat to my fog-wrapped little corner of the world.

Yarn Bombing

Check out yarn bombing Seattle-style in this article:  downtowntraveler

The urban art is by Suzanne Tidwell and is featured throughout Seattle.

The author asks your opinion on which you prefer--Seattle's...

or New York City's "lamppost "cactus" pictured here:

Apparently the votes are in Seattle's favor because yarn is more environmentally friendly.  With our rainy climate, though, it's been suggested that plastic ties (recycled and bio-degradable, of course) might be more appropriate.
See more of Tidwell's fabulous street art here.