Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hooray for trilliums

This is the time of year to spot trilliums on Cougar Mountain, our neighborhood's backyard. They seem to like to hide, which extends that Easter egg-hunting lust for another couple weeks.

Today I want to introduce you to my trillium hero, Ervin Nalos, who is pictured on the front page of this morning's Bellevue Reporter. His trilliums are nothing like the shy shadowy figures from Cougar--those in the photo are tall, thick-stemmed and downright brazen. According to the article he estimates he has 600 blooms total which he's been cultivating and dividing for nearly 50 years. Take a bow, Ervin!

The photos here are mine, and until I saw Ervin's beauties I was quite proud of my attempts at capturing the ephemeral beauty of trillium ovatum also known as wakerobin.

Here you can see another favorite of mine, the wild bleeding heart which is in bloom in my garden this week and looks best when nestled alongside a thicket of trillium. The fiddlehead ferns are also starting to shake off their wintry brown coats.


Premium T. said...

When I was a child in the wilds of Renton, finding a trillium was akin to discovering gold, at least in my universe!

RobinB said...

The wilds of Renton are from different time indeed--how nice to think there were once wilds there and you got to play in them!