Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lost in the Dandelions

Visiting Lake Sammamish State Park yesterday really put dandelions in perspective for me. Here were masses and masses of the very flowers I had spent the weekend savagely beheading and pulling up by their roots. Here at the park they cover everything with their yellowness--from a distance you're looking at a huge carpet of gold.

By the way, this shot was taken seconds before I got busted by a park ranger for having Stella off her leash. I found myself on the losing end of a philosophical discussion. But Stella certainly thought it was worth it!


Premium T. said...

I was at the Brandon Street house on Sunday, and as I pulled dandelions, Reilly was stripping off the greens, which he sauteed for dinner....a bit bitter for my taste!

RobinB said...

I know--I think you have to let them simmer a while, like collards.