Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ink, Grass Roofs and the Easter Bunny

Maybe it was passing the neon pink closing signs fifty times a day.

OK I'll admit I've been drifting in a rather bored fashion of late. Was the whole Red Apple theme played out? Had I hit the bottom in terms of finding anything of interest around the 'hood? Inertia was plaguing my soul. I felt alone. Worse, I was beginning to feel weird. Like, what is this obsession with my neighborhood?

When I was young I wanted to be Samantha on Bewitched. Now I was Mrs. Kravits keeping an eye on things--looking for the Blue Bug in Stod's Parking Lot, puffballs lurking around the corner, garage doors sending coded messages.

Then things started happening. We're talking ink and lots of it. First, a big article on the front page of the B section in the Seattle Times on Wednesday. Next, Mustard Seed and Newport Hills Drinking Liberally Group on the front page of the Bellevue Reporter. No typos, and a well-written article on the latest democrat trying to unseat Dave Reichert in the Fightin' 41st District: Suzan DelBene. Well, they spelled her name wrong, but still, lots of ink. And I was there!

On Thursday I introduced myself to Pastor Paul of Newport Hills Community Church and secured a site for the April 25 Earth Day info fair and community garden kick-off. Not sure yet about the swapmeet part of it. It sounds like a lot to organize in a short time.

On Friday I visited my sister-in-law in Ballard and met up with Vic Opperman, the founder of Sustainable Ballard who is very keen to get a Sustainable Bellevue going. What an inspiration. Got a tour of the Ballard Library green roof--awesome!

This morning my daughter and her friend roused themselves early to go help hide eggs at the Newport Hills Easter Egg Hunt and I made friends with a neighbor very interested in biodynamic farming, who introduced me to the Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter everyone!

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