Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What to do when you fall in love

Last year at this time we got ready to move.

We'd driven down a street in our neighborhood we had never been down before. It was night and we were in the woods, a mile and a half from the house we'd lived in for l4 years. We pulled into a driveway to turn around and the headlights caught this ceiling, floating in the trees.

One month later, we owned the house.
Walking through, we imagined our piano in the front windows.

What was the significance of the copper-quilted indoor barbecue?

We bought it just before Christmas, when we decided that the costs of repairing all the rot were never going to be accurately assessed, that we would just do what we could when we could.

That's what you do when you fall in love with a house.


Julie said...

I tried to convince Jed that we should buy the Peter Kirk designed house in Lake Heights by the major stop sign. I love mid-century modern! He likes more of the norm, so we bought a nice rambler and it is great. But I wish we had full windows like your house!

RobinB said...

The Peter Kirk house would have been perfect for you! I didn't realize until after we bought this house that it was a Kirk. What fun to be able to tour thru it anytime I wanted! Our windows are all original in front and our first major purchase was to put up insulated shades--they're all single pane. It wasn't until the maple across the street lost all its leaves last winter that we realized what an amazing view of the Bellevue skyline we have. The sellers didn't seem to know it, either!