Friday, March 13, 2009


Once we decided to purchase our house I began researching local mid-century modern architects and discovered that our house was a model known as "The Rainier" designed in the late 50s. There it was, right on the homepage of DOCOMOMO-WEWA, the local chapter of "Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement." The dapper man in the picture here is Jerry Gropp, the Rainier's Mercer Island architect.

The Rainier was his most popular model, designed for "budget-conscious" families and sloping, narrow lots. The plans and specifications sold for between $50 and $60. They featured ontemporary lines, a shallow pitched roof and exposed beam framing. The floorplan was "zoned" for private and public functions. An entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows in the living and dining areas and lots of deck area makes it feel like a birdnest in the trees.

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Julie said...

That is cool information about your house! I think your blog is so interesting!