Friday, March 27, 2009

Puffball Paranoia

Now, this is funny. If you enjoy my puffball shrubbery posts. The thing is, I had knee surgery three weeks ago and for about two weeks I spent a lot of time with my leg elevated in bed, laptop on tummy. Watched every Brad Pitt movie available. Saw the actors and directors commentaries on Fight Club, a movie for which I now have a boundless appreciation and can talk semi-authoritatively about almost every camera angle. Especially the one with BP in the bathtub talking to Edward Norton about whatever it is they were talking about...anyway, that's another story. I allowed my mother to wait on me shamelessly and didn't see my kids for a really long time.

Little did I know I had a guardian of the foliar variety watching over me. Just out of view beyond my bedroom window.

Once I was able to hobble around again I looked out over the next-door neighbor's yard, and here's what I saw.

Avenging angel sent to keep an eye on my movements or innocent shrubbery keeping watch---you decide.

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Piper said...

Mom! There are more shrubbery trees, there is a REALLY cute bush in the shape of an elephant up the road, on the road we go up when we take Stella for a walk. It pretty darn adorable! It's huge! Dad and I were taking a walk with Stella the other day and we saw it! It was funny because the guy in the window saw us smiling and laughed! You should see it!!!