Friday, March 20, 2009

Please don't ever go

We're suffering from a little post-traumatic stress here chez-Bentley since the most recent demise at the neighborhood center: Newport Hills Drug and it's neon posters announcing its closing sale over the last two weeks has had us all a little rattled. Over dinner last night the entire family voted on the top two places in Newport Hills we couldn't bear to be without, that life would just not be worth living without:

Thai Castle (actually in Newcastle at the Coal Creek Plaza, but walking distance if you're fit)

Dara and crew have been serving up the most delicious larb gai, chili fish (hot! Sour! Sweet!) tom yum soup and lemon grass (or garlic) chicken of any I've had on the east side. They arrived shortly after we did (so that would be 10-12 years ago) and we still don't want to eat anywhere else. They are family now, and we celebrate every occasion there. Even when we've lost power we can depend on them to treat us to the best, with candlelight! We love you Dara!!

Newport Hills Chevron

Absolutely the best service, customer and mechanical, you will receive anywhere on the planet. People who have moved over to Seattle still come back to Newport Hills to get their work done by Barry. Again, they're like part of the family.


Blogalot said...

Mm, indeed: Thai Castle, the best peanut sauce, excellent phad thai, curry and sweet/sour, and friendly service!

Todd H said...

I'll second that on the NH Chevron - a great find. And, I'll give Thai Castle a try too.