Sunday, March 29, 2009

Organic Panties

Preem, this is for you!!

At Seattle's GreenFest yesterday I worked for Washington Toxics Coalition and hung out with the folks at People for Puget Sound and the architect/timberworker/CEO Michael Kruger of Sunpod Greenhouses

I was briefly crowned Sustainability Queen of Bellevue at the SCALLOPS exhibition corner but promptly abdicated when we discovered there was already one. We just don't know how to reach her: Vicki Goode are you out there??!!!
SCALLOPS stands for Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound--and are they ever all over! Check them out at

These are two darling little stoves for children made of recycled olive oil cans and available through eurostyle in Fremont.

Not my age, just my legislative district!


Premium T. said...

Woo hoo Queen Robin! (And I just LOVE those stoves! Do you think I could install one in my kitchen?)

RobinB said...

I think you probably could. I don't believe I saw any cords or electrical outlets. Very green!

K. said...

We always knew you were a princess!