Monday, March 2, 2009

Main Street: Sumner Surprise

On a sunny day the parking lot at Whole Foods on a Friday morning can feel like Main Street. This little stud muffin had been rescued from a puppy mill by the Humane Society, who had parked outside Whole Foods with a glassed-in truck full of cats and bunnies and hamsters. Needless to say, they gathered quite a crowd.

This weekend we visited the tiny town of Sumner TWICE! What can I say? I love Main Streets. These photos of a cafe, florists, and a drugstore are actually on side streets from Sumner's Main Street. The Main Street itself boasts a bookstore, public restrooms, antique and cookery shops and, to my mind a necessity for an authentic mainstreet, a Salvation Army with everything 50% off.

The biggest surprise was one of the last remaining Red Apples: virtually hidden two blocks off Main Street and closed. I felt as though I'd journeyed to Mecca.


K. said...

I want you to visit the Art Yard in Centralia, then drive downtown to check out the murals of the history of the town.

RobinB said...

How did you know? We're going there in April!!