Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day in Seattle

Dancing huckleberries (harvested by hand) in a Kir Champagne Magnifique

Madison Park

"Mad(ison) P(ark)" pea patch climbs up a hill.

A Mom and Pop market in the heart of the Madison Valley neighborhood.

Restaurant door fronts all had a painted heart created by local children.
After an exquisite brunch at Cafe Flora we walked Stellarondo in the Arboretum where she cavorted up steps through the hybrid rhodies and even took a dip in the waterlily pond.

At the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park. Beautiful Mughal paintings in four or five rooms. Borrow a magnifying glass. Afterwards had an iced tea in the light-filled central space and noticed that every one of those gorgeous art deco windows in these front doorways OPEN! I counted over 40 handles. None of them were open but just the thought of what that would do for the space made me giddy. Look closely and you'll see some of them. Well worth the trip over, and the Conservatory next door is full of gorgeous orchids.

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