Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sunny Side of the Street

Gorgeous sunny weekend, clear air--recent highs of 64F. Beautiful weather for moving Mojo Espresso from its increasingly invisible spot beside the Red Apple. The place to be is now across the street with its southeastern exposure, Sahara Pizza and occasional picnic table-selling. Not to mention a nicer view of the wild side of Somerset. Come hang out this weekend--our first "third place" in Newport Hills! You can also let Tom the owner (pictured below) know where you think Mojo should ultimately be placed.


Todd H said...

Never fear - you were all over the move. Great post on NHES too. Never would have thought of all that stuff.

RobinB said...

Thanks for the compliments Todd--I really appreciate them!

Blogalot said...

So true...some great insights--such as the creek (or swale!) shaped walkway. Never noticed that! Nice work!