Saturday, February 7, 2009

Signboard Haiku and Skate Parks

A few posts back we lamented the loss of the Red Apple signboard. And prematurely blamed it on what we thought was a turf war between shrubbery gangs. Now we know it was sold off in the Red Apple auction. Who would have thought our beloved signboard would fall into the hands of outside interests?

But seriously, we were sad to see the Red Apple signboard auctioned off with all the rest of the shelves, counters, market paraphernalia, etc. As a suitable memorial/neighborhood landmark I thought it would be fun to acquire a new signboard and make available a set of letters for the public to use in a weekly haiku. If you have any ideas for poems I'd be happy to post them here until we can locate a new signboard.

Meanwhile, Sean was allowed in to take photos after the auction. It's amazing to think of all the possible uses a giant space like this could become. Go-Kart raceway? Puffball gymnastics? How about a display space for artists or the Bellevue Historic Society? How about a Classic Car Museum? Dance Hall with 50's era diner? Movie house? Rehearsal space for dramatic productions? A branch for BCC classes--they have a north campus--how about a southwest one? Crafts market? Holiday bazaar? Community center with art classes?

Of course, this doesn't take into account the multiple uses a large space can be divided into: grocery store/cafe/tutoring center/hardware store/bookstore/space for small concerts and open mic nights.

Indoor skatepark/teen center anyone?


Premium T. said...

Perhaps Ron Sher, of Crossroads and Third Place Books fame, would have some interest in this space?

RobinB said...

I was just going to do a blog entry about him! Thanks T!