Saturday, February 7, 2009

One-Month Anniversary

It's been a month since I started blogging and a month since the demise of the Red Apple. I thought I'd take a moment to recognize a few of my faithful followers who appear to the right:

First-ever Red Apple Award

Just because we're married to each other doesn't mean I can't invent an award just for him: Sean started EffStop Local this month and his photos complement my blog nicely because we see a lot of stuff together. When his photos in this blog appear in these pages I try to give him full credit. His work is well worth checking out.

Two of my followers over there on the righthand side of the page won the Premiato Dardos prize for blogging this month and I congratulate them: Citizen K and Premium T.

Citizen K was my very first follower and this means more to me than I can express here. He did me the honor of recognition after accepting his award:

"Since nothing in the rules says I can't do otherwise lest the sun burn out, I'm naming five people who write about their everyday lives in such a way that they have either deepened our long-time friendship or helped build a new one. In no particular order:
The demise of a local chain store inspired Red Apple Elegy, which has become a sort of layman's guide to urban design as seen through the malls, parking lots, and produce stands of the Newport Hills area of the Seattle suburb of Bellevue. Entries like this prove her point that "if you find something ugly you're just not looking closely enough..."

I have found so many wonderful writers through his blog. You can too by scrolling down the right hand side of his webpage where up to the minute snippets appear for each one.

Premium T's blog is a constant inspiration to me and I am so proud of my good friend.


K. said...

Thanks! You have a great blog that I look forward to reading.

Looks like a you have a tasty 3-dimensional game of tic-tac-toe at the top.

Premium T. said...

The Red Apple Award!
You are too funny.
And thank-you.