Saturday, February 14, 2009

Google Earth

Here it is Valentine's Day morning and I'm lying in bed next to my husband thinking about the Red Apple. What I'm wondering is...not what you may be thinking...but do I think of it (the Red Apple, that is) as a lost supermarket or a blog? Has the blog become bigger than the supermarket or is it all the same thing? Is the Red Apple simply a symbol for something else (or the lack of it) in my life? Do other bloggers have an identity crisis from time to time?

I find that looking at Google Earth helps me out during such moments--a bit like contemplating the moon in days of yore. As always, click on photo to enlarge.

My Wish List
  1. New grocery store
  2. Fruit and produce stand (formerly Chevron)
  3. Neighborhood kiosk at drive-thru for bank (always closed)
  4. New site of Mojo Espresso stand
  5. Farmer's market
  6. Community garden

Here is the Newcastle Fruit and Produce Stand. If they ever decide to open a Newport Hills branch I think we have room for them.

We all need aerial photographs for dreaming purposes. They let the sun in on a cloudy day--every one of the areas I circled above gets full sun for most of the day, even while leaving plenty of spaces for parking. I always wondered as I parked my car near Pike Place Market or at the top of a parking garage why my car was getting a better view than I was.

Another way to look at these photos is to see the number of spaces we provide for our cars: then imagine exchanging one parking space for a raised garden bed. One little island of 20 spaces could provide a lot of space for a community garden.


K. said...

Satellite images have become so precise that aerial photography can be a form of abstract art. I'll show you some of the books of aerial photography I've collected. They're quite amazing.

RobinB said...

Thanks, K. I always like to find those rare places where art and urban planning intersect. Hey maybe that'll be my epigraph! A little too grand, tho, methinks.