Sunday, February 1, 2009

At Play in the Park-ing Lot

Julie directed me to a wonderful San Francisco site called REBar which "remixes the landscape" in a variety of clever, green, artful ways. The "panhandle bandshell" features a fabulous video about throwing up an old-time performance space with recycled car hoods all set to the music from "Triplets of Belleville".
watch it now

Here's another project on the site bearing a strange resemblance to man-made puffballs:

Blow-Up Stroll
By Traci Vogel
San Francisco Examiner

"Rebar, the art and design collective that brought you Park(ing) Day, has come up with a creative new way to interact with the urban environment: Bushwaffle. Just as Park(ing) Day repurposed a public space — the parking spot — Bushwaffle purports to turn the entire city into the rec room of your dreams. In its simplest form, it's a pink inflatable cushion about the size and shape of a chubby cartwheeling toddler. The cushions can be hooked together to make impromptu easy chairs, trampolines, or forts, or they can be used as bicycle airbags, privacy screens, or bantam-weight punching bags. Your imagination's the limit -- a limit which Rebar is quite happy to push on its Bushwaffle Tour, a public stroll incorporating their blow-up tool. The tour, says Rebar, will demonstrate "the power of Bushwaffle to soften any urban surface and provide space for freedom and play." Apply Bushwaffle to the city, and those hard surfaces vanish. Truly, the Bushwaffle gives a whole 'nother meaning to 'art inflation.' "
Wed., Jan. 7, noon, 2009
Check this out
and this.

Lesson Number 6:
Never, ever be limited by your own imagination


K. said...


Feel loved today by stopping by Citizen K. for your superior scribbler award.

Premium T. said...

You could play The Triplets of Bellevue.

RobinB said...

What a grand idea!

Todd H said...

The espresso stand next to the Red Apple moved away. It needs some blog attention!

Todd H said...

Oh, never mind, I guess they are by Sahara Pizza.

RobinB said...

Hey Todd, Check out today's entry. I tried to upload a video I made of the move but Blogspot didn't seem to digest it properly--probably because of its riveting content, no doubt!