Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Remember the sun

Here is the sunniest spot in the Newport Hills commercial district. Right now a guy hauls several home-made picnic tables there every so often not to sit at, but to sell. Often cars are parked here for sale as well. Imagine a farmer's market on Saturdays, or a place in the sun to sit and sip coffee. And picnic tables. And cars for sale.

Behind is a take-away pizza place. No place to sit, but awesome pizza! Imagine a place where the office tenants who work adjacent to this space (to the right in the photo) had a place to be outside in the sun. With a slice of pizza.

Start with a few benches, preferably around a latte stand. Sell a few newspapers. Better yet, provide wifi.

Then people will wander over to that flower stall there, you pick up a slice of pizza next door, you listen to the Newport High Band over here, and pretty soon you have a farmer's market on the weekends...

who knows where you could wind up when you start to put people back in to the equation?

Lesson #2: Put people in the sunniest spot you can find


Blogalot said...

Don't forget a cool water feature for kids to splash in on hot days!

RobinB said...

Or even just starting with a water fountain. One for the dogs would be nice, too!

Blogalot said...

I draw the line at live chickens though.