Friday, January 23, 2009

A Pea Patch in Lake Hills

Where do you find leeks in January, growing with abandon?

Yesterday we went to Lake Hills to see if any ideas brought to "fruition" there could possibly be "transplanted" to Newport Hills.

First off, I love a kiosk. Every neighborhood center needs one. Lost cats, group meetings, firewood and puppies for sale...this is the community bulletin board.

This site, managed by King County Master Gardeners, had a decidedly educational purpose. I was pleased to see examples of columnar apples and thornless blackberries in pots which take up very little space and are suitable for both pea patch and sunny deck.

All very neat and tidy, and even if this were in just a small part of the Red Apple parking lot, would still be better for the environment than impermeable concrete.

Function meets art

Picnic tables + raised beds = more opportunities for neighbors to get together

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