Monday, January 19, 2009

More Right-Size Shops

Here's a coffeeshop under flats, and a neighborhood-sized hardware store. Notice in both they use outdoor space in front for a variety of purposes: more sales space, advertising, a place for customers to sit, park their bike, and their dog.

On a sunny day work can be done outside, providing opportunities for people to bump into one another. This is an outdoor eating space outside his restaurant.
Here the owner is providing food and water for canine passersby

After a Trader Joe's the number one most requested retail establishment in Newport Hills is a small hardware store/garden center. Not surprisingly also high on the list is, a "meals-to-go" place for busy families and a bakery/coffee shop for telecommuters who need to get out of the house every once in a while.


Julie said...

Hi Robin! This blog is wonderful and can provide for a lot of discussion amoung the neighbors. I will bring a cupcake stand when we get a farmer's market going! Did you talk more to the owner of the Newcastle produce stand?

RobinB said...

Spread the word!
I think Damu must be enjoying a well-deserved vacation in a warmer part of the world. There is no answer or answering machine at the NF+P phone number(425-227-8400). I'm working on getting a response from Newcastle City Hall, but so far, nada. Thanks for the comment, Julie!