Monday, January 19, 2009

Parking Lot Repossession

Red Apple in the sunlight of a Sunday morning. Wide walkways, protected by generous overhangs. Existing vertical poles create bays for individual sellers at a swap meet or farmer's market.
Breakfast at the Mustard Seed: Eggs Benedict special for $7.50. We hang for an hour outside Mojo Espresso, sitting with the dog in the sun chatting with people as they drop by. It's like Italy but we're only minutes from home.
Kids flock together with their skateboards, happily whizzing around. Re-possessing the abandoned landscape.
No lessons today. Just being.


Blogalot said...

Reminiscent of the trellises at the B'Vue Botanical Garden. Wouldn't this be lovely with hanging vines and hummingbirds? I mean, it's one thing to be "commercially viable" and another to combine commerce with a place where people actually enjoy being.

RobinB said...

Bravo, blogalot! I'll talk to King County Master Gardeners, NW Perennial Alliance, and, um--Hummingbird Society?

RobinB said...

how about turning this space into a place with overhead heat lamps, chess/ checkers on a giant black and white painted checkerboard, chalk drawing competitions, shuffleboard tourneys with grandchildren/grandparent teams, 'bring in the clowns' day with jugglers and buskers, dog and cat shows, 'adopt a cloister' (ala highway sponsers) - school art classes, boy and girl scout communiuty development merit badges, etc. etc.