Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Parking Lot Makeover

The official period of mourning is now at an end. Time to get busy.

Let's get started on a parking lot makeover.

A bit of Cannon Beach in Newport Hills. This is what planners and designers call a "path of desire", a path for walkers that is normally worn through ivy or grass, indicating a need to get from one place to another. Here they've paved it, and framed your destination. It's adjacent to the sidewalk and bus stop. It exists. It's already here. It works.

This doesn't work so well.
At the main corner of the center of Newport Hills,
a sign is prominently posted which reads:

"Drive-Up Window Opening as of Feb 1, 2005"

This could be a welcoming corner for pedestrians, too. Instead it hosts a four year old plastic banner
advertising Bank of America's drive-up amenity.

This is a much more visible ad for the bank's drive-up window: multiple lanes with arrows.
Note the walkers crossing the street in what seems like an awful lot of concrete for so little traffic.

Lesson #1
Try to make the walkers as comfortable as the drivers.


Blogalot said...

The other ironic thing is that I don't think I've ever seen a car in the drive-through there, let alone enough of a queue to warrant two lanes. Occasionally there's a short queue at the Herfy's (ex-DQ) (background), which backs up to block the mall entrance!

RobinB said...

You know what, blogalot? I think it might actually be three lanes!!