Monday, January 4, 2010

Three new synthetic soccer fields for Newcastle

Click here for the latest on Newcastle's 33.5 acre sports park proposal. When I saw how large the proposal was, I thought about our soccer players having to make do with our little 2+ acre field and wondered how they feel about having three synthetic soccer fields so close by. Couldn't we just use those ones and pocket our $1.8 million earmarked for turf and spend it on, I don't know, an abandoned supermarket or something?

I'm serious! Stella and I plan to visit visit the off-leash dog area regularly.

The plan is broken into three phases which will cost a total of (sharp intake of breath) 14.7 million dollars:

"The first phase is scheduled to include the installation of a natural turf softball/Little League field and two play areas.

The second phase is scheduled to include the installation of a synthetic turf baseball field, two synthetic turf softball/Little League fields and two synthetic soccer fields.

The third phase is scheduled to include the installation of another synthetic turf soccer field, a synthetic turf lacrosse field, at least three informal practice football fields and the fenced, off-leash dog area.

'It’s a great design for Newcastle,'(Parks Program Manager Michael) Holly said. “It has all the elements that we look for in making an athletic park.'”

Oh and that reminds me:
If you haven't already, check out "Parks and Recreation" the 2 year-old sitcom featuring Amy Poehler. I'm sure there are many City Planners out there watching it basking in the glow of "finally! some recognition!" tinged with the knowledge that this recognition is won through painful exercises in humiliation and office politics. As it's produced by "The Office" folks, it isn't surprising that the characters are obnoxious and loveable all at once.

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