Friday, January 15, 2010

Further Adventures of Neil and Yvette

Neil and Yvette, fresh from Syria, and now in Bolivia (after three months in Asia and three months in the Middle East they are now ensconced there for three final months--at least I think that's the plan).

I wish I knew what the writing said in the mural above. Perhaps Yvette or Neil, with all their language study, will translate it one day for me. It doesn't take a linguist, though, to see the joy here, at arriving in a different land, and I think I'm even beginning to get the whole high-heel thing, even though my feet would curl their toes up at the thought of walking around in them.

Neil has always been one of the most focussed, productive people I know. This might give you an idea of how busy he can get:

"The only thing to complain about has been that my bed (our room has two singles) is rather cup shaped and morning finds my back urging me to move towards vertical – which is good in that it has moved me to explore the city early in the morning and be up around 5:30 a.m… This morning I had studied my Spanish, drawn a picture, read a novella, and explored the Mercado campesino before Yvette managed to rouse herself."

Makes me feel such a layabout! And this--

"I think this world contains many worlds – and we are blessed to be here – talking politics, feeding pigeons, pondering llama fetuses, visiting lunar landscapes, buying flowers, eating chocolate, negotiating for humintas, renting a house, watching babies be swaddled with packing straps into a papoose…"

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