Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art in the Neighborhood

Some very professional graffiti has suddenly appeared at Stod's, opposite the Red Apple and home to a longtime local batting-cage business. This is the cruddiest blank wall in the neighborhood and with its lovely southern exposure I've long thought it would be the perfect place for a mural or community garden. I don't mind the graffiti, although I know its days are numbered. And local residents will think we're in the midst of a major crime wave. They might even try to blame the skateboarders.

Somehow the fact that someone cared enough to paint something on the old grocery store wall (a wall which is in the center of the neighborhood and we all pass by on a daily basis) proves there's still signs of life about. Stod's wall has been looking ever more uncared-for since the Red Apple closed and to me the graffiti is something of an improvement. Just look at those happy bare feet! Not sure whose tag it neighbor Steve knows all the gangs hereabouts so I'll check with him.