Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lunch with Joyce

Aaah, Bellevue. Does anything so epitomize a downtown as much as a shoe made of artisanal chocolate? I think it's the perfect symbol for our city. I'm not being snarky--I say this with profound respect for the artistic genius of the resident chocolatier Lisa Degoix.The women who come in to this patisserie wear gorgeous boots and waist length leather jackets in every hue. All eyes turn to whoever comes through the door, checking first the footwear, then the outfit, finally the haircut. The lone man here keeps his eyes on his computer, looking slightly out of place. I definitely feel out of place. But I'm here with my friend Joyce, who makes me feel comfortable wherever we are. And the croissants are divine.

In addition to shoes, there are Eiffel Towers in chocolate. And figs enrobed in chocolate.
Pear caramel mousses and tiramisu
Napoleons and pistachio mousse

Belle Pastry, where the chocolate shoe reigns supreme on Main Street in olde Bellevue. How had I never known about this quintessential bit of Bellevue before?


T. Clear said...


Let's go! I'll wear my works-for-a-local-artist-costume.

RobinB said...

Allrighty then!