Sunday, February 21, 2010


We're in the process of launching a Sustainable Bellevue group. One minute you're talking about it and the next you're "live." We talked a lot over at the Mustard Seed about all the the things sustainability could mean. I kept coming back to "walkable distances" as in:

What's walkable for you?
Where did you walk as a child?
What keeps you from walking?
What inspires you to walk?

To start, I plan to time five and ten minute walks from my house. In different directions. This is a major basis upon which the City of Bellevue wants to decide the placement of its proposed downtown lightrail alignment. So I will stand, timer, camera, dogleash and compass in hand, starting with my neighborhood.

Is that why has this song by REM been in my head for days now?

Stand. Think about the place where you live.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

pretty much everything is walkable now that I don't have a car - what started as an experiment to see if I could live carfree has become a way of life!!

I figured out I do a mile in about 15 minutes (that is if I don't dawdle or stop for photo ops) -

ah, light rail....there's a city that is embracing the future!!

one of my favorite rem songs!

RobinB said...

Hi Kimy! It's a great song, isn't it? You're so lucky that everything is walkable and you're enjoying the carfree life. I'd like to give up my car for Lent. I think if we didn't have so many hills and so many arterials distances wouldn't seem so insurmountable by foot.