Sunday, February 14, 2010


My friend Megan from art school has some new work on her blog: click here for more on the book she's working on. You can see she was permanently stamped by our mossy environment. Could it be she misses it since it started snowing in Fayetteville?


Megan Chapman said...


Thank you for re-posting this piece!!
I do miss the Pacific North West more than you will ever know.

That was a very special time in my life, I think in many ways this "manual for living" is going full circle back to the work I was doing there in some ways.

Thanks again for the link- I look forward to keeping up with your blog too!

blackbelt said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting at My Exurbia!

RobinB said...

Megan--I can see all that in your pieces. It's a pleasure to link to you, and welcome!

Blackbelt--I enjoy your photos and your son's artwork is amazing!!