Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kissing in the Library

A lovely Valentine from Chuck Pefley at Seattle almost one a day I want to pass along to you.

Most romantic urban community idea of the week calls for eking more space out from underneath (think the viaduct as drive-in movie) is pictured here at Pruned.

"Only connect" here
Valentine from the Small Expectations kitty here--don't miss the "Slicer!"
My funny valentine lurks here and shows us that Mr. Rorschach is no slouch in the looks department, either.

Finally, my not-so-secret valentine goes to Joshua Prince-Ramus, truly a prince in my book. When he was in his early 20s and just beginning to design the Seattle Public Library with Rem Koolhaas I was introduced to him at Town Hall during a model-viewing workshop. My then much-younger son was with me and Joshua leaned down to ask him what he'd like to see at the library. Shyly, Nick replied he'd like a "slide" from the fifth floor to the kid's book section on the lowest level off Fourth Avenue.

Deborah Jacobs, then City Librarian and client extraordinaire, gently but firmly shook her head, as if she knew Joshua would always be on the kids' side. "Better nip this in the bud right here and now," she seemed to be thinking. Joshua just led Nick over to the model where they had a private conversation about buildings and stuff.

There wasn't a slide, last time I checked, but the library is still one heck of an exciting place to be. More photos from a recent visit


Just for Valentine's Day, in the Seattle Public Library the "Juliet balcony" is hidden behind elevators on the top floor. Not for acrophobes, the view takes in all the lower floors and it's where Joshua proposed to his wife. Truly the most romantic spot in the library. Deborah used to say that the public library was the only place she could get away from her mom's watchful eyes and meet boys. Seems Joshua was listening!
Click here for Joshua's TED talk on the Seattle Library.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Chuck Pefley said...

Robin, I'm glad my Valentine arrived -:) Thanks for your mention and I hope you're having an equally wonderful Valentine's Day as we are.

roughterrain crane said...

Did Romeo successfully get the chocolate from her at all costs?