Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Whole New Neighborhood in Renton

We came across the Landing in Renton's new development of the Boeing properties south of Lake Washington--about a ten minute drive from our house. It has the potential for being a major southend hub connecting the new rapid transit station in Tukwila for downtown Seattle and the proposed commuter rail line for downtown Bellevue and beyond. Hope this is in the plans.

As you can see it was a very gray day, which the artificial Christmas tree behind its own white picket fence did little to cheer up.

Movie theatre, lots of places to lunch, structured parking, awnings--elements are in place for a new neighborhood. Will it have housing? Offices? Time will tell. It's pedestrian-oriented, but it does need a few more pedestrians...and maybe a puffbll or two.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

it is amazing how these new retail/residential developments look alike - this one looks like the one called 'crocker park' not far from where I live which looks a lot like the place in fairfax, virginia where the r.e.i. store is located! I wonder if there is one architectural firm that specializes in these places!

RobinB said...

I've often wondered that myself--there is a retail development near here where they moved a dozen old buildings of many different types and linked them together with boardwalks (Gilman Village). I always thought that was a very original approach and gives it a little more human-ness.

artis1111 said...

We have one starting near us, I have seen the snow on other blogs and was wondering where did you get it? Kathy

T. Clear said...

This is definitely NOT my mother's Renton, lol. I drove past here on 405 the other day and actually pined for the old Boeing industrial complex from my youth, which inhabits (still) many of my dreams. I suppose I'll have to give it up and pay the "new" Renton a visit. Or maybe not!

RobinB said...

T--Get off the freeway and explore! You'll love the Boeing "souvenir" shop--very surreal, but it's not all that's left of the Lazy B.

I pine for it too, and the Barbee Mill (last lumber mill on Lake Washington) as well which used to house ospreys and now houses large football players. In a big, ugly view-incinerating box.

Kathy, welcome! If you google "snow effect" you should find a link--if not, let me know.

RobinB said...

click here

Kathy-here's your link!