Monday, December 28, 2009

House of Art

Under the gray November sky a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise awaited us in CentraliaHouse of Art

Red yoyos
Yellow yoyos
Blue yoyos
Plastic plates
Styrofoam tiki god

plastic flowers

Deranged Barbies

At McMenamin's Oly Club and Hotel in Centralia last month they were serving an all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving buffet dinner for 23.00. The bar is the most gorgeous saloon I've seen anywhere, befitting a "gentleman's resort". The food is fab; the brew, as in Hammerhead, fabber. You can take the train there and you can even spend the night if you like, but I haven't tried that yet. With 27 rooms named after local bootleggers, train robbers and other citizens of questionable repute I'm sure I won't have trouble booking at the last minute.

My fave feature of this spot is it's wall of spigots in the restaurant's ladies' room. Some of them actually do work; all are vintage and they reach to the ceiling. And I always like a chandelier in the bathroom. Brilliant woodstove and train car booths available for cozy dining. The place is loaded with art in the McMenamin's house style: check out the website for a complete gallery.

And speaking of art, Centralia is so-called because it's the halfway point between Portland and Seattle--why not mark it with a visit to the House of Art? It's free and open 1-3 p.m.


T. Clear said...

This is truly an amazing place. P. and I stopped by a few years back. It deserves a book....

RobinB said...

Did you notice how GRAY the skies are?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

putting this place on my list of must see places next time I'm out in this neck of the woods! just checked and it seems that centralia is quite close to one of my pnw stomping grounds (olympia) and on route to another (eugene)!! yeah!

RobinB said...

yeah for Olympia, and yeah yeah for Eugene my hometown!!

Jo said...

Wow what an interesting little spot! So much going on at the same time!