Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rubbery Nerdlets

As I went to publish my last post on the park an ad came up for "Used Synthetic Grass". This makes me wonder what this stuff looks like after five years? Does it become old and raggedy? Does it have to be patched?

Another thing are the rubbery nerdlets that litter the car and washing machine after a practice or game. They cling to everything. Before it was just mud--now it's this rubbery stuff.

The dark green is synthetic turf; the lighter green is the baseball outfield which will be natural grass. Currently the park is all natural grass. The usefully flexible but frequently muddy nature of natural grass is what has the organized soccer community in Bellevue circling our neighborhood park like bald eagles above Lake Washington.

What most concerns me are the recent health concerns raised at the neighborhood meeting described in my last post. A casual survey reveals there is a lot to be concerned about:
Center for Environmental Healthhere
and LATimeshere
and SF Gatehere
and USA Todayhere
and NPRhere
and here
and Consumer Reportshere
and NYTimes here

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