Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog Block 1

I've had a terrible case of blog block for the last month.

It began when I attended an information meeting regarding synthetic turf in Newport Hills Park.

You just never know.

We have a little park with a tiny playground and a lot of grassy space. In the summer that grassy space is filled with kids doing soccer camp. Dogs are walked, kites are flown and frisbees are thrown. Families picnic and babies take their first wobbly steps.

Everyone's well-behaved here. When Eastside Catholic was active across the street and it became a parking spot for students I never knew it to become a major hang-out. The littler kids were always in the majority. It's what you call a "pocket park" with a baseball diamond. Definitely a neighborhood attraction. Always immaculately clean and wholesome. The neighbors love it and have never thought it needed changing, as far as I know.

Especially on the 4th of July.

What started out as a pet parade on 121st Ave SE morphed into the number one summer event in Southwest Bellevue. To be continued...

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