Friday, July 10, 2009

Rally for Public Option in Healthcare

Between making an appointment for son Nick's driving test at the Lake Hills Licensing office and lunch at Orexi in downtown Bellevue we took some time to drop by the healthcare rally outside Patty Murray's office on 116th. All the pictures are by Nick, except the one of him, which his proud mother snapped.

The author

It looks a bit like we're all going to a wedding. This office park had nice little gardens and trellised arbors everywhere. Leave it to me to notice that kind of thing!

Nick, holding the sign which reads "Public Option Increases Choice and Reduces Cost"

Passions were flying high at the rally. I like the way Nick caught such a variety of faces.

Girum Woldegebriel, host of the event (with his back to camera) delivered over 250 pages of petition signatures


Girum said...

Thank you for publicizing the rally.

Piper said...

HI mommy! Looks like your having a lot of fun at home! Can't wait to see you soon! Email me please!!!! Love you! ---Piper

Piper said...

Hi mommy! Looks like your having a lot of fun back home! Were at Maggies house in York right now! Love to here from you on email soon! ---Piper