Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Port Townsend part 2

Sacrificial Anode 2
Adventures in the northwest have their share of
Twin Peaks moments.  (Click on the link for a brief, hilariously unsettling look back at the origins of the coffee cult in Seattle.) 
After stopping for lunch and before finding the perfect place for pie and a damn fine cup of coffee, we walked and window-shopped the main street.  Always curious about the places between the antique shops and the beach, the parking lots, rain gardens, otters, marinas, cafes, bookshops...I was drawn into a place that was a little of everything and nothing, no apparent purpose to it.  It was a vacant lot, but far from vacant.

 There were boats and bikes.

 There were still-lifes everywhere, imbedded in concrete, framed by driftwood, caught in nets.

There were 2.00 antique bottles for sale on the honor system.  Like roadside vegetables and fruit.

There were planters and bottles and bricks.
And the most beautiful driftwood structure I'd ever seen.

We peered inside.
More flotsam.  More jetsam.  Strange monkeys everywhere.  A drum set.  A place to sit.  A third place. A view.

The light was fading.  It was really cold.  Dad was moving away, toward the shops.   A cage sat in the gravel, housing something dark, which I photographed.  He came back to see what I'd stopped for and said, "That's macabre."  Like you tell a dog to leave it.  It was just the outlines I could see, the bright spot of a tennis ball and soft toy, the monkey pillow.

It was really horrible.  
Even when you're with your dad bad things happen.  That's just the way it is.

Like Jeffrey (Kyle McLachlan again) finding the ear in Blue Velvet's Lumberton

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Sean Bentley said...

Well done, redapple -- the perfect follow-up blogpost! I want to go there right now, carcass or no carcass!