Friday, April 9, 2010

Minneapolis is an extremely walkable city. We started our first day in the center, at Nicollet Mall. We saw bicyclists and cabs, but very few cars, even in the heart of downtown. And there is a parallel universe co-existing two stories in the air: a vast series of skybridges connects all of downtown above the snowy streets in winter. Like a habitrail for humans.

Sidewalks are wi-i-i-de, and sculpture greets you at nearly every turn. There are an amazing number of plazas, fountains and restaurants have spacious outdoor seating areas.

It's Scary Mary!


mouse (aka kimy) said...

i haven't been to minneapolis in eons, but this makes me want to make sure we schedule a trip in 2010!! i love, love, love the museum and i wonder if the delightful british style pub is still around (from 15!!! years ago)

one of the odd things i remember are the very artful manhole covers!!

have fun! wish i was there! (new twist on the classic postcard greeting, eh?)

RobinB said...

Hi Mouse,

"I wish I was there"--I've often said it myself!

I'll look for the manhole covers today.

Brit's is still there and going strong. And with so many museums to choose from, we never run out of things to do. It's like they had to come up with all these entertainments to ward off cabin fever in the snowy winters!

Nice to see you here!