Thursday, April 8, 2010

First day, Minneapolis

In Loring Park, between downtown and our destination, the Walker Art Center.

We arrived at the Walker (see photos last blog entry) 15 minutes before opening time and were kindly directed to a coffeehouse inhabiting a bit of "old Minneapolis" down the road apiece. A neighborhood known as "The Wedge" between Hennepin and Lyndale. We were so taken with this area that we never returned to the Walker (I feel bad about that, but we did wind up spending most of the afternoon in the Minneapolis Insitute of the Arts, a truly amazing place right in the neighborhood)

Walking down streets lined with Victorian houses, spreading in every direction as far as the eye could see, housing who knows how many families, each one a unique composition of window, turret, door and garden.

With mom and pop stores, cafes, and wide alleys. Friendly porches. With a variety of chairs. (To be continued)

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