Saturday, March 6, 2010

Renton 7 miles, Issaquah 5

We were taking a Sunday drive to Issaquah along the back road between Squak and Cougar Mountains when we caught sight of the sprawling home of Hillside Antiques. Let's just say we never made it to Issaquah. Once we made our way through the statuary, tools, bits of machinery, farm implements and neverending racks of horseshoes rusting happily in the pale sunshine we were invited inside to feast on rooms of ephemera, some of it unbelievably ancient, which John and his aged mother share their lives with: African masks, Indian trading beads, arrowheads, stuffed grizzlies, pheasants and so much more. Drawers and chests bursting with treasure.
Be sure to click on each photo for the full junk-overload effect.

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K. said...

I tell ya, farm implements do it for me, every time.

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