Saturday, March 6, 2010

that sticks and stones should fall

You must check out"another village unvanishes"here at Pruned.

About twenty years ago, we were driving between puddles along narrow roads through charming villages in the Derbyshire Peaks District, dodging persistent rain and seeking sustenance at any open pub we could find when I asked about the large body of water which appeared and reappeared through the rain-spattered windows. Ladybower Reservoir. Two medieval villages drowned in the 60s for Ladybower Dam. If you look through the water you can see the church spires. Got out, couldn't see anything for the rain, got back in the car and spent the next hour or so in front of a fire nursing a pint and a cold Bakewell tart. I'd have preferred a steaming hot plate of bangers and mash, but we were in Bakewell, and one eats Bakewell tarts in Bakewell.

I've never been able to wrest the image of drowned spires, hoping one day to go back and see them.

Now, it turns out, with global warming, I may have my way. Drowned villages in the Andes are starting to turn up, and a "vanished" medieval village reappeared

above Barcelona during a terrible drought in 2008.

Read about the lost villages of Ladybower Reservoir here

Ladybower Plug Hole. Every reservoir should have one.

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