Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Second Time Around!

And here's the good news!

Red Apple Elegy won it's second ever award--thanks Lora. It means so much coming from you and Philly is Phunny and the whole Urbanity Crew. I don't think I can have enough Honest Scraps awards. Honestly! Lora reminds me of the second honest thing about me--one of the rules of the award--I love cities. With her "stealthy cellphone camera" she makes me feel like I'm walking to work right alongside her. Creepy, I know, Lora, but hey! you've been stalking me, too! I need her shots of the city on a daily basis. I hope she doesn't mind if I share two from today's post with you: Find her
here and don't miss her list of 10 Honest Things.

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