Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lunchtime in Seattle

A 75 degree September day of sun and clear skies above Seattle downtown--heaven. Lunch at hole-in-the-wall next to De Laurenti's, offering more beans and rice than I could manage for 2.00, soda for 85 cents.

Sat on a ledge by the Hammering Man watching this demonstration of alternative technology. Went into the lobby of Seattle Art Museum and viewed these moving self-portraits by kids who are 15 and enrolled in the teen program there.

All this entertainment made the 14.00 parking charge seem like a reasonable price for admission.


T. Clear said...

Let's meet downtown for lunch one of these Fridays!

RobinB said...

I'm in Everett this Friday--maybe next? I'll be at Pier 56 for a meeting Friday Oct. 2 so I can do it after 1:45. You pick the place!