Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Place to Hang in North Bellevue

OK, so some might say the grocery store is butt-ugly. But hey, it's open. And there's actually a lot going on here. In the parking lot. Families from the surrounding neighborhoods pull up alongside one another and let the kids run around the playground. Guys listen to the game on the car radio. A couple of dogs frolic with their owners in the buffer behind the QFC. Bicyclists headed for Kirkland pull up for a hotdog.

The park
The buffer
The Chevron
The signboard
The coffeeshop


Blogalot said...

Now if they could have just hired an architect other than the guy who designed the penetentiary...

RobinB said...

If a penitentiary had a minimal make-over in the 80s...punch out the new headwear and attach to forehead!