Sunday, August 9, 2009

ALL of Piper's teeth--she lost the last one a week ago. She called me in for a private viewing of her arrangement.

And stones from three holes dug in the garden for bamboo. Piper arranged them according to size because that's how she was paid: a penny each, a nickel each, a dime each, a quarter each and 50 cents.

Bonus back to school question: how much was she paid?


Lora said...

I found all my teeth in my mom's jewelry box when I was about 6 or 7 and FREAKED!

I had no idea why my mom would have human teeth in her room.

Thanks for your comments!
Aren't those big brass keys amazing? I think I'm going to buy a few here and there, and tie red ribbons through them to put on the tree this Christmas.

And sadly, those are just regular old people in my town. Everyone is weird here!

RobinB said...

Lora, human teeth--weird artifact or what? Just plain fascinating. I love the idea of a key-tree for Christmas. And thanks for giving me daily glimpses into Philly--it's become the dose of urbanism I depend on now!