Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walking the Mice

Yesterday afternoon, it has to be said, was glorious. The sunny weather brought out all the neighbors, including Joyce and her daughter Maggie pictured here with my daughter Piper and good friend Teo on the right. We found Joyce and Maggie walking their mice and looking for Harry, their chihuahua who guards the street. Click on the photo to better appreciate the mice.

It reminded me of when we lived in Italy for a brief time and a neighbor would walk her ferret, Romeo at dusk. As visitors, we thought this a charming custom. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm just visiting my street and marvel at all the charming customs I encounter. "Isn't this fantastic? People walk their mice here!"


Blogalot said...

I walked my vole the other day, though only down to the ravine where I let him loose.

RobinB said...

As long as you don't bring him into the house!