Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Suburban Phantom

From The Seattle Times, May 21, by Erik Lacitis:

The young bear is likely about 2 years old, and likely a male, said Chandler. It is at that age that the mom bear kicks out the young male offspring, who then have to stake out their own territory.

The wildlife agents named the elusive bear the "Urban Phantom."

He was first spotted late Saturday night in Magnolia, then made his way to Ballard, and continued north.

He was chased through alleys, streets and backyards in the middle of the night in Ballard by four wildlife agents, a bear-scenting dog and 14 Seattle police officers.

Chandler said he hopes the bear keeps going north, and then east to the Woodinville area, "where there are going to be a lot of bears."

Bears and beavers. (Image should really be clicked on to appreciate)


Piper said...

Hi MOM! it's Piper! You need to post that the blue bug is gone!!!! Please!

piper said...

I get it now! ---Piper :D

mouse (aka kimy) said...

this is the most curious photo! great!

RobinB said...

Hi Kimy--apparently Qwest shaved their pole (ahem) to show off their shiny "badge" of ownership. I'm just adding it to my growing list of suburban curiosities.

RobinB said...